Aye Carumba.

Blush. Woo wee, I got some kind of massive cold/flu/something crazy.  I was in bed all day Friday and all day Saturday.  I just had to get outside today and I don't think that helped me much.  But Raul and I met up with Gilberto and Olga at the Botanical Gardens anyway.  I'm at the end stages of the crud so I can have about five feet of distance between the Kleenex and I.  Before it was about one inch distance, tops.

Edith, guess what!?  The photos from our trip to Seattle and Vancouver are finally up!  I can hardly believe it myself.  I'm proud and really need to rest now.  I'm praying that by tomorrow I will be 100 percent clear of this crappola and get back to my goals.

Can't stop me, just slowed me down a little bit.

See more pics from the trip.