Back from Vegas. Back to reality.

What a trip!  This has been one fun filled summer.  I can only post this picture from Vegas because my sister in law Edith will kick my butt if I post anymore photos without posting the Seattle/Vancouver pics.  You should see my office, it is SUCH a mess and things have been coming up and getting in the way.  Excuses excuses but that is the truth.  Anywho, back to the trip talk.

Vegas was pretty fun overall.  No vacation is perfect.  We ran into a rude cabbie who pretty much kicked us out of his cab on the first night on our way to Rio.  This was the first trip to Vegas for Sheila and Jen so that was awesome.  The all-you-can-eat seafood buffet at Rio was delicious, we had that the first night and were so stuffed.  The sleeping arrangements were a little tight but we made like Tim Gunn and made it work.  I saw Fremont Street for the first time.  Had In-N-Out, score!  Missed my husband lots.  Didn't bring my 40D.  Did bring R's point and shoot, barely shot though.  Relaxed, relaxed, relaxed.  Poolside.  Mesa Grill at Caesar's Palace was the absolute best.  Oh and so was Serendipity's.  My feet were sore, sandals couldn't last after the 10 hour mark.  When all four of us were getting ready for our flights around the same time on Sunday, I get a phone call saying my flight was canceled.  Figures right?  But I made some lemonade out of those lemons and just enjoyed Vegas for another eight hours.  Hung out, went shopping.  Got a new purse!  Ate lunch at Spago!

It was so much fun, nothing like a girl's trip sometimes.

Now summer is practically over and it's time to focus on shoots, prints and getting published.  I'm amped!