Rockin' Fourth of July weekend.

rock out

This three day weekend was the best. Friday I basically just vegged out all day, realized it was First Friday so the Art Walk was going on. Watched Two Lovers, visited Brandi at her Fashion Denver headquarters and then headed back over to the Art Walk. Brandi had a spontaneous concert and sang two songs while she played the keyboard. Those songs were so cute and it seems they are permanently stuck in my head too. There was no parking though so to make up for that, a trip to Bonnie Brae for ice cream was in order. I am loving these hot summer nights and sunshine until 9 p.m. So nice.

On Saturday I went to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, it has become tradition. First stop was the food area for a sausage link sammich for Raul and a berry kabob for me. Then it was time to run from booth to booth checking out all of the amazing art pieces before there was a thunderstorm like there is every day lately. Met up with my brother in law, Gilberto, to go eat at Famous Dave's. They have the best bbq and a drink called Mama's Punch that hit the spot. This year we did get to see fireworks. No fires, just ear-popping fireworks. Sunday was our friend's belated birthday party so we hung out over at our friends house. Babies galore and now I think I may be addicted to Sims 3. I was loving the home design part, the socializing part is a little difficult. But now that I've created so much over at my friend's house, I'm not motivated to start over from scratch if I do buy it.

Anyway, this is one weekend I wished wouldn't end. So much fun. Sweet dreams.