Happy Bokeh Wednesday to you and you.

It's the middle of the week!  Celebrate.  I have to make a conscious effort to look at the bright side lately because I have had nothing but bad stories for the past month.  Friends, family and public figures in Hollywood are either getting sick or having death reports.  I've had enough.

So, things to look forward to.  Working on my query letter for publishing of my Alphabet Book.  Learning more about post processing and my camera too.  Working out with my friend at least three times a week.  Going camping next weekend, wish me luck.  Going on an all girls trip to Vegas next month.

Just have to keep smiling.  Big cheesy grins are the best.

Oh, have I mentioned that I am on facebook and twitter?  I've been there for awhile and I'm getting more active on those sites too.  Let's be friends and follow each other.  I'll really be updating once I get the iPhone next week.  Hopefully.