Do the Bump

I'm back with another case. Not as intimidated by my sewing machine as I was before. An item that is helping me a lot is my quilter's see through ruler (2"x18"). Believe me when I say I love it because I hate measuring.

This case is too cute to me because of the orange with the brown and I like the negative and positive space in the flower design. Funky baby. :)

I'm so happy you guys like the case and the hat. I'm making them and taking orders. I'm selling the cases for $45 each and the hats for $40 each. Each case is an original in that they all look different (pattern design). I have to add the cases and the hats to the store soon so Paypal is set up.

My internship came to an official close today when they took me out to eat at Kona Grill. They are so SWEET. I'm going to miss them and the lunch was nice. Now I have to focus on homework assignments tomorrow.

Teachers giving homework assignments over break. Not nice at all.

*** Did anyone watch the bunny video link in the last post? The song is stuck in my head. Usually I can listen to it and the problem is solved but this song is sticking!!