Turkey Day

The turkey above looks a lot cooler than the actual one that will be eaten tomorrow. It's a Fonzie Turkey.

From my family to yours, happy thanksgiving! I will be consuming way more dinner and dessert than I ever should and I'm going to enjoy every bite. I hope my mom makes oyster patties too. *hint hint*

I'm thankful for many things and Thanksgiving is a reminder.

This is my mini list: Two loving parents.

My family.

A brother who would rather have his fingers get burned by anti-freeze while changing my radiator fluid instead of letting me go to the shop to get it done.

My 83-year-old grandma. She shares her life with me and it's beautiful.

Friends that laugh and cry with me. It's nice to be around people who care.

The people I have met through this site. You're encouraging words make me smile and lift me up when I'm not so sure about a piece of art or a new creation. You rock.

For bad experiences because without them I wouldn't realize how good the good experiences are.

Technology. I'm thankful for my camera, powerbook, sewing machine, etc. Oh yea, and electricity. It's hokey but it's true. Ever been in a blackout? Yea, it sucks.

Sweet potato pie!

For being in a part of the world where I can make my dreams come true. I've learned how to salsa, knit, design websites, graphic design, be a part of a graphics team at a news station, learned how to sew, and now I'm going to be a part of a fashion show/design fair called Snow.

Check it out! Can you find the "Five3"?


Here's the flyer larger.

The list goes on and on and on....

If you would be so kind, let me know what you're thankful for too! I'm currrioussss. :)

Almost time for The Bachelor. I think Mary will be the lucky lady for a few months. (You know how Bachelors are.)