Happy one hour left of Monday. I've been in a zone all day. A surreal zone being home without worrying about work or going to school. The whole day to myself to do whatever I wanted. I didn't even drive really. Except to go to the mailbox and then parked it right away and came back inside.

I sat down and had a staring competition with my sewing machine. Not for long though. I turned off the tv, opened the manual (again), had my Sew Fast Sew Easy book nearby and just started tackling my fears one by one.


And look what I created! It's so cute. Little ice skaters gliding to their hearts content on a knitting needle case. It's one of a kind and I'm selling it at Snow. It's a 40s style print and I just love the little neon green accent on the skaters.


Plus, I just finished my first kitty hat yesterday and it's going to be sold at Snow as well. I still need to add pom poms at the ends. I'm still debating. I love the green of this as well. Green is slowly becoming my favorite color. Orange already is my favorite.

I watched SNL this weekend (not that funny) but U2 was performing and they were great! Especially at the end when they did two songs and started to do another one!! But us poor people who weren't at the show didn't get to see. Lucky ducks! They were putting on a show and now I want their latest cd along wtih Eminem, Los Lonely Boys, and Prince.

*** My gifty buddy is the bomb and she got me a wonderful salsa cd/dvd called Juan De Marcos' Afro Cuban All Stars Live in Japan. It's hard to listen to it and sit still. So thoughtful and full of flavor. I love my gift.

Thanks again Marilyn!

*** I have to share this animation. http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/bunny.php Poor bunny. His dancing is too funny and the thought of a bunny doing without cracks me up.

*** Oh yea, and as for the Sketchcrawl, my submission is pitiful. My Sunday was much more packed than I thought it would be and I have nothing to show but a measley four doodles. If that. I may post the pitiful evidence, no promises.