Oh, was I supposed to post something here?

us I've had lots to share but yet again, nothing comes out on here.  We celebrated our anniversary for real this weekend.  Took a three day weekend and mostly vegged out but we did manage to get a lot done too.  Somewhere in there we went out to dinner at the Chop House which was SO good.  We both had steak and I had lobster too.

Somewhere in there we also got cracking on re-organizing this place.  I still have some...areas that my husband doesn't know that much about.  Like my nail polish collection, hair products, make up overflowing....things like that.  So he stumbled on my hair products and I already knew that I needed a different way to store my hair appliances.  So we made our way to the Container Store and went shopping.  Now I have a neat bin for some girlie things and some other boxes and such for organizing the office.  Another lazy susan was needed for spices in the kitchen.  I love it.  I got a bulletin board too so now I can work on my inspiration wall.

This place is finally coming together.