Look Ma!

No bleeding! Now I can floss at night and not be awoken by aching gums. I was taking one Advil every night for a minute there. Now the pain is over and I'm almost done with my antibiotics. I thought I lost them yesterday when I couldn't find them in my purse. I thought they popped out when I was running to the light rail. But they were on my car seat, so all is well. I'm so glad I don't have to take pills on a regular basis because I would be in big trouble. Four pills left.

Yesterday was a lab day in my Digital Art II class and we got to see some of the video work our teacher has done. Many words come to mind about his art: disturbing, sick, gross, etc. There were scenes of him eating a whole stick of butter, pouring some liquid on his face with a red light shining on him so it looked like blood, and fondling of meat. From the video art I've seen, it's my least favorite art form. Maybe it's the shock value that always seems associated with it. When I see a video art exhibit, I usually hurry past it and try to block out the shouting from the tv screen and the crazy visuals. But that's just what I've seen so far so maybe it's not all bad.

I was already uneasy about taking Digital Video Art because I know I need a video camera which I don't have. (Can I get my digital camera first?!) As if that wasn't enough, my strange Digital Art II teacher is the one teaching the other class as well.

The only teacher teaching it at a time that I can take it. Great.