regal.jpg Another illustration for Illustration Friday. I'm lovin' it! Pretty, pretty princess. A girl can dream.

I'm a little loopy and I know it has to do with today being the last day of school for awhile! Yay! Oh and I just bought some Mission Falls 1824 merino wool along with some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Super Chunky. Yay again! I'm making three more hats for Snow. That may have something to do with my grinning as well. :)

My book, Sew Fast Sew Easy, arrived yesterday. It is awesome! Straight forward and matter of fact. I got a brand spankin' new sewing machine for my birthday in August and I've made two things so far. The book is making this whole sewing thing less intimidating. I have my fabrics all prepped and ready. This next week is going to be fun. Full of creating, I get to see The Incredibles (finally) with my niece and the rest of my family, take pictures, watch movies I've been waiting to see forever, and fitting relaxing in there somewhere too.

Now I have to finish casting on and go see other entries.


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