Goodbyes are Tough

When I was running around from station to station before fall semester started, looking for a place to intern, I never thought about saying goodbye. Today is the last Wednesday I'll have with the graphic design group. This was always my favorite day because we would work our tails off while watching Lost and the Bachelor. Jim is supposed to be bringing goodies like popcorn and chocolate. I had no idea it would be this hard. Being a part of the graphics team and working in a news station was one of my dreams. We had teacher evaluations yesterday and I have a paper due today. It's difficult switching from years of writing for English classes to writing for journalism classes. One has to stick to the facts, write in bite size chunks, and pack big punches along the way. Let's just say I have many blue marks on my assignments but I'm still carrying an A.

The week is almost over and that means my VACATION starts VERY soon. Brandi invited me to be a part of Snow, which is a fashion show/craft fair at the Denver Rescue Mission on December 15. I've never done this before so I'm a little nervous. I have a black card table and a chair. I also have some baby hats to put on display along with two scarves. I'll try to create some fabulous things next week so I'll be prepared.

Come on creative juices, get to flowing!

*** Claire has shared some new illustrations she's been working on for the Australian Big Issue Magazine. The illustrations are the top four on the folio page. The breast pumping illustration is my fave. haha.