In between smiling non-stop about my sweater (teenage squeal) and being exhausted from getting to bed at 11 p.m. , I have been surfing. Here's some linky goodness for you:

Midnight Knitter has 5 brand new patterns for knit and crochet.

The cutest little baby sweater and oh so stylish too. I love the details.

I'm just about over ponchos. But then Carrie makes this one and its got me swooning. End the poncho craze already :)

Baby thighs! You're supposed to be paying attention to the socks but little baby legs crack me up. So adorable.

Have you seen all of the sassy and unique purses and such by B. Shigley? Look, they're right here.

Chris Appelhans is an exceptional artist that never fails to make me crack a smile after I read his stories. See for yourself. More here.

Don't think toilet paper is cute? This should change your mind.

Loobylu's making a homemade doll for her little girl. What a lucky and loved little girl Amelia J is. I'm envying that purple hair ;)