Domestic Disturbance

Yesterday was great. Little did I know I'd have to call the police. Let me backtrack. I was able to create all day basically and I made a little cartoon of my friend and another diva cartoon with brown pigtails and highlights. Very shiek. Then I was in class and I worked on my social comment piece. It's coming along and turning out to be dark. I didn't realize how upset I was about my subject (advertising overload). I'm never quite prepared for what comes from my art. It's beautiful but freaky at the same time.

So anyway, la la la, the day is going great. Saw my friend, went to my internship and barely had to work. My Mom called me and let me know Modern Masters is back!! Got home smiling and ready to crash. Went to bed at 11 p.m.

Then I was woken up at 1 a.m. I have a new neighbor below me so I wasn't sure if it was her but I heard a woman and two men having a loud and obnoxious conversation about nothing. Plus, the TV was BLARING. So I'm halfway between being asleep and fully awake so I try to give them time to shut up. An hour to be exact. It doesn't cease so I go down to my new next door neighbor at 2 a.m. and politely ask her if it's her. She answers the door with her newborn baby (this is our first time meeting) says no and says, "I'm only talking to my husband." Kind of snotty like, "Can't I talk to my man??". Bleh, so anyway, we end that and I come inside. The talking and hollering is still going on and I can't tell if it's the person next to me and I can't tell if the noise is on the first or second floor. So at this point I give them another 30 minutes and just wait. I was done going from house to house at 2 something in the morning. So it doesn't stop and I call the police to file a complaint. By the time the police come it's 3 something and the noise makers are finally getting quiet so the officer probably thinks I'm crazy. Then my alarm went off at 4:20 a.m. and I had to get ready for work.

I am so dead tired. This has never happened before with the neighbors on that side of me. I hope it never happens again. At least I get out of work two hours early and get to meet Baby Dylan. Some silver lining still exists.

Currently Regretting - Not signing up to be a part of Secret Pals III. I know there's no way I would have had the time to get special gifts for someone and mail them off but I'm envious of all the goodies I keep hearing about. I want funky yarns, funky books, and cool candies from China and Japan.

Lucky ducks.

Next time dangit, next time. :)