Doodling before class and came up with the interesting alien up above. I want to draw more quirky aliens.


The Fish sweater is finally done and I love it! It is my new favorite sweater and I just can't believe I completed it. I love the way it turned out and it's soft and comforting as well. Word of advice though. The Lamb's Pride Worsted in Charcoal is a type of yarn that sheds ALOT. I didn't think it would be a big deal while I was knitting it but the fibers get everywhere. Especially if you wear lip gloss and they stick to your lips. Other than that, it's great. Just so glad I finished it in time for winter.


Yesterday I went to a bird auction with my friend and her family. They own an African Grey so they were thinking about buying another bird. I'm not that into birds but the cockatoos suprised me. They were so friendly and let me scratch their necks, under their wings, their bellies, etc. Right when you brought your hand close to them, they'd bow their head down and get ready to be rubbed. Another cockatoo perched on my arm and laid on my shoulder. They're like puppies. I'm still not ready for a pet though.


No more sneaking peeks. The cream scarf is finished. (Excuse the ends that need to be weaved in.)

Back to focusing on school assignments.

P.S. - The Norah Jones concert was great. Her voice was amazing and Red Rocks is a beautiful place. Thanks again Alejandro.