Crappy Days

Don't you just love it when a day starts off crappy and completely changes around into an awesome day?! I do. Headache is over, back still sore, but my friend is back in town visiting for a week and a half. PLUS, I got a call from my LYS saying my Fishie sweater was finished, joined together, and blocked! It fits and it's so cute! PLUS, I finished my vanilla bean scarf so no more sneak peeks! PLUS, I got a comment from my buddy Alejandro to go to a Norah Jones concert tonight!! PLUS, it's at Red Rocks!! :) I have never seen her in concert and I've never been to a concert at Red Rocks.

WOOO HOOOO!! Now I just have to keep myself calm and collected through class tonight. *deep breath* >=oD

Pictures are on their way :)