Neverending Headache

The kind that is lightly behind your temple and makes you squint from time to time. It's been slow and steady for three hours now. Usually I'd just pop an Advil Liqui-gel and it would be over but I'm at work and I'm not able to get away. I think this headache is stemming from my back. About two years ago I was going to a chiropractor because I was feeling a big amount of stress. I'm constantly stretching trying to pop this or that and the relief I feel seems to be getting shorter and shorter. Lately I've been having more discomfort (maybe due to walking around campus in mid high heel boots while wearing a backpack that holds my laptop, external hard drive, etc.) I keep self adjusting myself and I just don't feel better. It's like licking your lips when they're dry and they just get more dry and chapped. My schedule's too busy at the moment to go back to the doctor.

I'm ready for this semester to be over and it's barely begun.