Long time no see! ALOT has happened.

On Friday I got out of work early and asked my internship if I could come in early as well. They said it wasn't a problem! So I went over there and finished up the last of my hours for the week. I was so sleepy and it was hard to get through my four hours. Afterward I left and finished my scanner/hands project (due yesterday). I think I love Hurt the most. Why is the dark art so much better than happy happy joy joy art? At least that's the case with me alot of the time.

Here are the pieces:

It was hard to put Einstein down (the mac) but I did and went to bed.

Saturday - woke up a little bright and very early to go to the Botanical Gardens.

The exhibit was better than I thought it would be. My parents and I talked to one of the workers and he said all of the work was done by the Shona tribe in Zimbabwe and it was all done without references. Amazing. There was a strong theme of family, spirits, animals, and femininity in the works. The pieces were expensive as well. I wish I could have taken a piece home. I had never been to the gardens before so it was an extra treat to see all of the different flowers, landscape, and everything. The weather was perfect and the pictures came out better than I'd hoped.

After that I got my hair done and I love it! Kirstie (my hairstylist) showed me how to curl my hair. I've known how to curl it but I always get Shirley Temple curls and I didn't want that. I have been wanting sophisticated adult curls. I love my curly waves!

The rest of the night I relaxed (what is that?) and watched Amelie for the first time. It was hard to keep up with the subtitles while surfing and knitting during the movie but I think I got the jist of it.

Sunday - went to church and since I was starving, my Mom and I went to Champps to pick up the spinach and artichoke dip along with their mile hi mud pie. We were locked out of the house so we just sat in the car, soaking in the weather, and eating the dip and chips. Sooo good. Once Dad came and let us in the house we just spent some family time together and hung out. Around 3 p.m. my friend Johanna's husband called me to let me know Baby Dylan had arrived three weeks early! I am so happy for them and a little bummed because I wanted to watch the birth. But in all the craziness, they left the house without their cell phones so the baby came and all is well. I don't remember all the specs but mama and baby are doing fine!! I can't wait to meet the little guy and have a little one of my own in the future.

I didn't get to catch any of the Emmys (wasn't all that interested in anything but the clothes), Titanic was on, and a disturbing episode of Cold Case. I always seem to catch the disturbing ones.

Monday - full day of work, school, and internship

Tuesday - worked and hung out in between work and school. We had a field trip of sorts to see how the Rocky Mountain News operates. It was creepier inside than I thought it would be. My classmates came in one by one when we were all supposed to be at the building at 6 p.m. The greenish yellowish light coming from the old flourescent fixtures were turning my eyes red from the strain. The room was cold and damp from the rain and you could tell the age of the building by the smell. We were all sitting around a table waiting for our teacher and the rest of our class to arrive. Quick glances were given and quickly taken back so no one was staring at anyone else. A tiny comforting smile was given by many. While waiting, I kept thinking about scenes in scary movies like "Identity" and I was expecting someone to go off and tour the building by themselves. Within minutes the missing members of our group arrived and we were off on our tour. No scary movie scenes were recreated.

All was well.

PHEW! How was your weekend/week?

P.S. - Trisha - Try an artichoke!! It's so good. I wish we could swap food, the food you make looks so good.

Sandra - I spaced the details. I'm using Rowan Calmer in a vanilla bean shade.

Everyone - Thanks for the kind words about the scarf. It's turning out to be very cute. Should be finished soon, no promises :)