I have never been called brilliant before. Thank you very much Froggy. That was a huge compliment. Seriously, thank you :) I'm glad you like this site. I have a TON of crap junkmail in my account so I have to change it AGAIN. New email is erika_bATfive3DOTcom.


edit - I don't have an email address anymore because everytime I would set it up, I would end up downloading 1000+ emails from the server. Can't handle it. If you know of a way to get around this, let me know. Until then, email is gone and you can contact me via comments.

edit again - I just sent myself a gmail invitation and now you can contact me at:


I like the sound of that. Other pages will be updated with the new email address shortly. (by the way, I have FIVE gmail invites. Yours for the taking. Asking, then taking.)