What Day Is It?

I turned in my timesheet at work a week early. I almost went to www.photofriday.com to see the challenge, but it's Thursday. There is no challenge yet.

I'm in some sort of coma state in between REM sleep and just-about-to-nod-off mode. So far school is going great. The laptop helps me complete projects even quicker so if my scanner hands project prints up beautifully I won't have any digital art homework. Beginning Reporting is going suprisingly well. So far we've had two quizzes (97/100 and 96/100). It's crazy how many rules there are according to AP style.

1:00 PM = 1 p.m. president = president November 23rd 2004 = Nov. 23, 2004 Denver Colorado, etc. = Denver, Colo., etc.

Soooo many rules to remember but making up little sentences helps. Like with spelling I say, "Mosquitoes and heroes like potatoes", so I remember the "oes" words. hehe. And, "he cried and pried the door open", so I remember the "ied" words.

I'm a delirious nerd but at least I get out of work two hours early today.

P.S. - happiness is getting a toffee nut latte and the last pumpkin/cheese muffin from Starbucks. delish.