I Kid You Not

Yesterday I did all of the graphics for the 10 p.m. news. I still can't believe it. One of the graphics designers I shadow was starting to get a cold and while he handled the major stuff, I handled all of the small graphics. (The graphics that appear by the newscaster's head.) I was worked, worked some more, and worked even more. That's probably why I accidentally turned off my alarm this morning but still knew to wake up and get ready for work. The brain is a beautiful thing no?

I tried to listen to my ipod and it wasn't working. So I thought it just needed to be charged. I plugged it up to get some juice in the battery and still nothing. So now I'm thinking it's broken. Cross your fingers that the Apple store will let me exchange it for a working one. *sigh*

This past weekend I hung out and got a lot done around the house. I was planning to drop off my Fishie to have it finished and I was sure the yarn store would be open until 6 p.m.. I called at 3:40 p.m. and they were closing in 20 minutes! So I rushed over and practically tossed my creation to one of the nice ladies there. (Sorry.) But now I can't wait to get it back! I hope it fits and it becomes one of my favorite sweaters!!