Mobile Chick

Hopefully everything has been transferred to Einstein correctly so I'll soon be posting entries with pictures. It was too much of a hassle trying to copy one pic on a disc, bring it to the pc, and then upload it. Now things should be much better. It feels so strange to be as mobile as I am now. Just get up and go with the laptop, usb cable, camera, external hard drive, etc. (Now I need to figure out a way to tote my scanner and printer around!) It's nuts! My buyer's remorse is gone. I feel a teeny, tiny, twinge of guilt though. As if I broke a solemn pc pact and at some point I swore I would never get a mac.

After I say the following statement, mac users will all have a huge grin on their faces and I don't mind.

Here goes.

I should have switched a long time ago. :)

Hunger Pains - If I don't get some Baja Fresh in 45 minutes, I am going to pass out. I swear.