I've got to admit when I was thinking about a news internship in the graphics design department I thought it would be easier. So far I've been doing this for three weeks and it is anything but easy. My level of respect for this field has grown so much. It's difficult working every other day of the week there (Mon, Wed, Fri) and remembering what I've learned. I know they're thinking, "Damn, you don't get this yet?". I am taking it seriously and trying to soak up all the knowledge I can and I hope they can see that. Besides that, I'm just tired as usual. There was no school due to the holiday on Monday and on Wednesday my teacher was sick so I rode the light rail down to the campus for nothing. My teacher for Intro to Computer Arts I was so fast paced and was searching for excellence in all of us. The teacher I have right now for the next level of computer arts is a trip. I just can't determine his style and what he wants yet. It may sound strange but I give my professors what they want and if they don't ask for much, I don't give much. I need to gauge my work off of my professors or I feel like I'm floating around without direction. When I float it makes me second guess my work and constantly check with the professor and my classmates to make sure I'm working on the assignment correctly.

My other class, Beginning Reporting, is bringing back a ton of memories. English has always been one of my strong subjects but I can't remember going through all of the particulars. I just kind of know what looks right and what doesn't. So far we've had two spelling quizzes: one with just spelling (admissible, omitted, wintry, fiery, usable, prevalent, etc) and one with spelling and rules (no 4 o'clock, it's 4 a.m. and 4 p.m., etc). Now my eyes are opening and I'm seeing new grammatical errors (according to AP Style) everywhere.

I'm babbling and I need rest. Have a supercalifragalisticespialidocious weekend! I'll try to do the same.

edit! - just learned that the new fall Knitty is out! I've only seen three patterns so far and had to post. Check it out!!

By the way, I use Movable Type (on a new Mac named Einstein) and all of my shorcuts are gone in the New Entry field. When you enter an entry it usually says "bold, italic, url, etc". More work to post urls and format now. Goes to check the forums.