Dry Skin

This weekend was full and it even included homework. I almost forgot what that was.

Here's what went down: 1. Went to a beautiful wedding 2. Went to a baby shower (was able to give Big Stripe and a matching baby sweater, the last two suprises I talked about in the past) 3. Got eyebrows done 4. Went to a spa to talk to a consult about dry skin products. The lady at the desk yelled "DRY SKIN" loudly so everyone could hear. It was embarassing. 4. Worked on texture and body part scans* for scanner project 5. Cleaned this place from top to bottom 6. Watched the MTV VMAs 7. Didn't take a picture for PhotoFriday. They're getting so difficult!! :) 8. Worked on two scarves for the store 9. Finished knitting the Fish sweater! I'm dropping that bad boy off at my LYS so they can seam it up for me. Woo hoo!!! 10. Was woken up on Saturday by a dead battery in my smoke alarm. I kept switching in between dream and reality and when it turned out it was reality, I woke up and had to sleepily climb on my computer chair with couch pillows stacked on top to reach it. That is the big downside to vaulted ceilings that no one tells you about!

*Just to let you know, these things make beautiful texture scans - crinkled paper and plastic shopping bags