Thank You

I made the leap and the Powerbook should be coming to me any day now. My stomach is still doing nose dives and when I walked out of the store I immediately had buyer's remorse. It will be okay because I know this is a great investment for my future, right along with school. The nose dives are starting to make me queasy though. So, enough about Macs.

Today marks the end of my first work/internship/school week and I'm starting to get used to the new changes. My teacher for Computer Arts is a bit quirky to say the least. He's gone trekking in a jungle near the Big Island for a year by himself where he lost his ability to speak, he received his Masters degree in film two weeks ago, and he completed a strange experiment where he would just pick up whatever was near him, eat it, and videotape it. Examples were a stick of butter, dishwashing liquid, etc. He called the film, "The Idiot", and he may bring it in for us to watch. No thanks.

My other class is Beginning Reporting and right now we're focusing on spelling and AP style. I feel out of place in that class because I don't have dreams to be an editor and use all of these new skills. I know it all will work out in the end.

Studio 7 - I caught this game show yesterday and it's pretty good. Another mix only this time it's mixing reality tv, contestants living together in NY, and competition by matching wits. If you get a chance, you should check it out.

links to share - Becky - the Apricot Jacket is complete! Double Helix Scarf - I want to make this for someone special. Now if a store out here would sell Kid Classic. ;) MoFo - the poncho pattern is up. Go to free patterns, "Funky Poncho". If you're still into ponchos, this one is really cute!