It's Here

The New iMac G5 - Look Lu, it wasn't a rumor :) It's true. I don't regret getting my Powerbook though and it's on its way from Shanghai as I type this. I think the ipod is here already and should be delivered today. Right now I'm delirious, not quite up yet. My dreams are getting more and more strange because last night I had a dream the anchor of the news station I intern at was talking me out of coming back. "It's okay, just get some more rest. Don't worry about coming in...". So I woke up just a little stressed out thinking there was somewhere I needed to be.

I better get acclimated soon or it's not going to be pretty.

A couple of weeks ago I watched a special on AFI's top 100 songs. Later on, an email was passed around listing AFI's top movies and another had a list of books. I could barely identify any of them so I want to start watching older movies and older books to get up to speed.

These are the movies on my list so far: Casablanca Breakfast At Tiffany's (I tried to watch it when it was on cable and it got on my nerves. I'll try one more time.) Holiday Inn The Way We Were Carmen (I caught this this weekend and thought it was alright. Story was a bit corny but the acting and singing talent of Dorothy Dandridge, Harry Belafonte, etc was great.) Top Hat Midnight Cowboy Show Boat Easy Rider Porgy and Bess

Don't ask me where I'll fit this in but I'd like to. I haven't even started my book list yet.