Day 16

It was a little chilly out yesterday but I picked up my friend Jay and we were on our way to Morrison.  The owner of this antique shop out there let myself and about eight other photographers run around and shoot her store.

While out there, the same thing that has been happening happened again.  My cam bag started hurting my back and it is cumbersome too.  I've been on the look out for a new one with no luck.  There aren't any camera shops selling the kind of bag I'm looking for.  Right now I have a smaller backpack style Lowepro bag and ever since I upgraded to my 40D, it's overstuffed.  My dream bag would be one that's more like a messenger bag so I'll have easy access to my lenses.  Here's a bag at Fossil but it's not technically a camera bag.  Wishful thinking.  After doing more research on the Shootsac, I think I'm going to pass right now.  Maybe in the future I'll get that, but it's not meant to be a camera bag, just something you use while you are shooting.

Domke - cute and the style I'm looking for. Kata - might have to look into these styles a little more as well. Tenba - just found this bag on YouTube, looks like it may be a winner.  So much for the messenger bag idea.  Just found out it's being sold at eBags.  I will be checking out bags tomorrow!

So the search continues.