Day 17

I better hurry up and post before I forget and crash under some warm and cuddly covers.  I haven't even had time to process any photos from the shoot on Saturday.  I know my way around Photoshop pretty well but Lightroom is new to me.  I'm soliciting help all over the place (help!) and I'm having nightmares that I'll use up all my space because I have three copies of every image I take.  All due to my lack of organization of course.

The to-do list is long and pretty important:

  • enroll for benefits at work
  • update Wordpress....again
  • make some changes to this template
  • finish the alphabet project already
  • really clean up/throw away/organize stuff in this office
  • take decent photos of our home to show to all of you kind, patient souls out there (I haven't forgotten, just been swamped)
  • do my back exercises (I have been slacking so hard on my daily exercises that I am about to reschedule my follow up appointment.  bad girl, bad)

P.S. Thank you for your comments, I love it when you de-lurk.