The Denver Zoo.


My oh my has this place changed. It was my idea to go to the zoo and Addy was just as excited. I'm the biggest kid of us all sometimes. So we went earlier this month and it was beautiful. Gorgeous weather and I guess we have been out of the loop because some major renovations have taken place since we've been gone. I love all of the little artsy touches like the new area for the elephants, a carousel, a little train, etc. So. Nice. The animals actually look happy and they are so close up that you don't necessarily need a long lens to get any decent shots. Here are some of ours.


I'm entertaining the thought of getting a membership and I'm not a member to anything, not even the art museum (my absolute favorite).  Also I started a new challenge of 10k steps a day with Raul, the day of the zoo we had 10k-11k, it was awesome.


I've loved taking pictures forever now but have been taking even more ever since we had Addy. My poor poor hard drive struggle. Lately it's been a month by month project and she has her own Tumblr page over here.

However, I want to focus on capturing images on a weekly bi-weekly basis so I'm doing a 26 week photo challenge now. Trying to be realistic since we will have a new addition soon. I can always increase right? Right.

Let's do this thang!

20 Weeks

IMG_2273 IMG_2274


Today is the 20th day of Inktober and I'm 20 weeks this week (half-way mark!).  I wasn't sure if I could draw every day but so far so good and I want to continue past October.  It is such a good practice to maintain.

I'm still kicking this cold, turned sinus infection, turned cold again.  I bought some probiotics (kefir and yogurt), hoping those help.  No way am I doing sauerkraut.  This was the first year we couldn't make it out to the mountains to see the leaves change but there are plenty here to look at too.

The colors are gorgeous, the leaves fall much too quickly.

Happy Birthday Cake!


Whoever thought of the expression, "Time Flies", was a genius.  It is so true.  Two years ago today my baby girl came into the world and I can barely remember life without her poofy curly fro, super-sized smile and joyful laughter.  She is our world and we hope she knows just how much we love her every second of every day.  "Happy Birthday Cake" is what she says instead of "Happy Birthday" and we wouldn't have it any other way.  I sorta rhymed. :)


Mama and Daddy

Dye It Yourself.

When I dreamed about being a mom, one of the things I couldn't wait to do with my little one was to dye Easter eggs.  It has been forever for me and was brand new to my Babycakes.  I used the crayon that came with the PAAS pack and drew little designs.  The yellow dye didn't show up at all so I switched that one out for a blue dye.

Baby girl had three Easter egg hunts in all this past week and by the third one she was a pro.  "Hmmm, let me see", she would say while she stroked her little chin.  Then when she spotted one she said, "There it is!", picked it up, shook it and wanted to open it right then and there.

Such a good little treasure hunter.

Oh, Canada.

We took a trip to Vancouver about two weeks before Christmas.  This was our second trip out there.  We flew from Denver to Seattle, then drove to Vancouver.  It was so nice to get away and have my SIL and her family meet our daughter in person for the first time.  I am a warm weather person and I LOVE the sun so not having it was the only downside of the visit.  Out of the week we were there, we only had one day of sun.  The first day.  The rest was cloudy, drizzly stuff that is hard to shoot in.  I do love how everything is covered in moss, absolutely beautiful.  We went to so many shops that we don't have here like Aritzia, Saje, Top Shop and Brandy Melville.  I am a new fan of Tim Hortons!  I'm kicking myself for not buying a mug since I have a massive collection of mugs.  Their gingerbread white hot chocolate is the best.

We were there for a week so I have more pics over here.*

Even though you are pretty far away and a bit expensive, I do love you Canada.  You have a fan.

*I went back to my early 2000 days and posted the pics to Flickr but I am not liking the new design of it.  Know of anything else out there for photo sharing?

Ok, so I'm not posting more.

IMG_0526_small One resolution has been shot (updating regularly) but I have been focusing on some projects around the house and learning more about Lightroom (LR).  Clearing space on my memory cards so I can take more shots.  I love this site for studying up on how catalogs work in LR, so helpful.  We are at place where we can watch more TV so I've been practicing lettering while getting sucked into some of the best acting called Downton Abbey.  We get Addy's diapers through Amazon Prime and I completely forgot we have access to Instant Video and so much content.  Now I can get around to watching Sherlock and seeing what all the buzz is with that too.

Is this a good thing or not?  Hmm.

Falling in love.

IMG_8830 I'm falling for photography again.  Capturing frozen moments has always been what draws me to taking photos.


Documenting our lives and now watching this little mouse grow up.


The leaves are so beautiful and they are falling everywhere.  Mountains of leaves and baby had a blast running through them this weekend.



One of Addy's favorite parts of the day is going for a walk with Grandpa.



Then we came home to a sky full of fog.  It is so cozy right now, perfect weather for lighting a candle and snuggling up.

Hello September.


Can you believe it is September?  I can't.  Updates here came to a hault because so many other things have taken a front seat.  Spending time with Addison, only her second summer ever which is much different than when she was only 2-5 months old.  Loving running around with her, watering plants, going to events, etc.  Then there are the home to do items like working on our deck, refinishing the garage (putting epoxy down, getting shelves) and adding more to our backyard.  We planted nothing but perennials and the yellow purple combination is so nice!  We have cloreopsis, a vibrant purple butterfly bush for bees and butterflies, some penstemons to hopefully attract hummingbirds, a yellow trumpet vine that should look gorgeous when it blooms next year, russian sage and some really pretty whiteish lightpinkish petals.  I can't remember the name right now.  Also, this month was my birthday!  Flipped another digit.

Lots of change at the same time, trying to juggle and enjoy.  Carve out the life I want for me and my family and that process isn't always an easy and clear-cut one.

I've missed you and in order to get more organized and get things done; managing cleaning this home, the projects up above, painting, putting more paintings in my etsy shop, exercising, posting here, I am putting everything on a Google calendar.  I also use Wunderlist which is an excellent app for sharing lists/projects.  So far that is working the best for grocery shopping with Raul and I.  Do you have any tips for organizing your dreams and household?  I absolutely love crossing items off of lists.  Best thing ever.

Oh and did you do anything amazing this summer?  The highlight of my summer was going to Sante Fe. Now it is the place where I took a photojournalism road-trip in college, got engaged  and went on road-trip with my parents/lil family.  Love.

And Then She Was One.

Our munchkin is officially one-years-old.  Can you believe it?  I can't.  This year has been one of the most memorable years of our lives.  I didn't think we would ever get to this point where we can sleep like we used to and slowly get back to a sense of a routine.  Addison is the most amazing little person.  She is so funny, smart and beautiful.  We get lost in her big dark brown eyes every day. So lucky and so blessed to call her our daughter.  Somebody pinch me.


We planned her party for weeks and I wanted everything to go perfectly.  Some things did like her handmade wooden Happy Birthday sign (inspired from this one), her cake, the venue, the friends, etc.  Some things did not, like the pouf decorations that I scrapped because I could not figure out how pouf them up.  No biggie. The theme was "Some Bunny is turning one" but it was tough to find bunny things, even though I started looking way before and during Easter.


She was the little hostess with the mostest. At first it took her a little while to warm up to everyone, I was concerned about that when I planned the guest list.  But she got over it pretty quickly and was soon "talking" to everyone and mingling about.


For the drinks I got some white peaches, CountryTime lemonade mix and seltzer water.  I made my mom the mixologist and the end result was a hit.  Very refreshing and delicious!


We got her all stripped down for the cake but she just played in it with her hands.  Not that surprising since she killed my sweet tooth when I was pregnant with her.  She isn't a huge fan of sweets...yet.


Baby girl passed out while we were cleaning up, so that's a sign of a great party to me.  We love you Addy, happy bday!