Handmade Watercolor Birthday Party Invites.


I really can't believe my oldest is turning three next month. It's makes me happy and sad at the same time, I guess all of these milestones do that to us parents. Focusing on the joy though and that brought to mind rainbows. Addy loves her Violet toy that reads stories to her and one of the stories is about a rainbow party so a rainbow party was born. I took Z with me on a hunt for birthday invites but I couldn't find anything so I decided to design my own.

I sketched out the design on regular computer paper, then I drew the placement (lettering and rainbow) on 5"x7" watercolor paper with a soft pencil. I painted it and refined some areas, then it was time to scan it in and print.

I love how they turned out, maybe this will become a new tradition.

Bunny Invites

1st Birthday

I have been killing projects left and right.  One of those projects was getting everything together for my baby girl's first birthday in a little less than three weeks.  I wanted to do something different and add my own design as well.  Didn't think I would be able to do it but her birthday falls in spring and then bunnies came to mind and then "Some Bunny is turning ONE" appeared.  I'm happy with the invites and since they are out now, I can share with you.  These were created in AI and I was able to make my handwriting into a vector illustration for the type.

Plans are still underway but I wanted to document some progress.

I'll tell you more about the other project VERY soon.

My First Fabric!

raspberry bird and leaves fabric

A long time ago I painted a watercolor of green leaves and someone had suggested I make a print out of it.  There is a great site called Spoonflower where you can submit designs and they will turn those designs into fabric.  So fast forward probably three years later and I have made my first fabric.  I love how it looks and the quality is just better than I imagined.  There is a blizzard coming so I scanned in the fat quarter proof I ordered.

raspberry bird and leaves fabric fat quarter

What do you think?  So now I have one print for sale and I can't wait to make more.  Whenever I can get more time I want to learn how to screen-print as well.  Never done it and would love to see what it's like.

My sewing machine has a new home.

a sewing machine cozy

It's oh so cozy in my sewing machine cozy.  No more dust worries!  I don't take a lot of astrology info seriously but I do believe that Leos have a hard time finishing what they start.  It is so true for me so I try to stick to things even harder.  My sewing machine was a gift and it didn't come with a cover, so I had been meaning to make one.  This was the perfect time since I found this super cute fabric from Fancy Tiger!  I learned so much from this project.  I broke a needle since I forgot to change my foot to a zipper foot, I got to use the free arm, ironing seams to finish them is fun and sewing up those finished seams is even more fun.  I knit too but the gratification comes so much quicker with sewing, slightly euphoria inducing.

One project done, one more to go.