My sewing machine has a new home.

a sewing machine cozy

It's oh so cozy in my sewing machine cozy.  No more dust worries!  I don't take a lot of astrology info seriously but I do believe that Leos have a hard time finishing what they start.  It is so true for me so I try to stick to things even harder.  My sewing machine was a gift and it didn't come with a cover, so I had been meaning to make one.  This was the perfect time since I found this super cute fabric from Fancy Tiger!  I learned so much from this project.  I broke a needle since I forgot to change my foot to a zipper foot, I got to use the free arm, ironing seams to finish them is fun and sewing up those finished seams is even more fun.  I knit too but the gratification comes so much quicker with sewing, slightly euphoria inducing.

One project done, one more to go.