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Lately I have been living for the weekends.  Sleeping in.  Cuddling.  Being a couch potato.  Running errands.

One more day.  So ready.  There are two things I added to the list though.

  1. Buy tulips
  2. Eat BBQ

Can you tell I am ready for spring to get here, full force?

Falling in love.

IMG_8830 I'm falling for photography again.  Capturing frozen moments has always been what draws me to taking photos.


Documenting our lives and now watching this little mouse grow up.


The leaves are so beautiful and they are falling everywhere.  Mountains of leaves and baby had a blast running through them this weekend.



One of Addy's favorite parts of the day is going for a walk with Grandpa.



Then we came home to a sky full of fog.  It is so cozy right now, perfect weather for lighting a candle and snuggling up.