Affordable Newborn Baby Must Haves Chat and Cute Bear Nursery Art

My babies are no longer babies. Sniff.  They are 5 years old and 3 years old, so the swaddling days are over. 

When I was painting and sketching for a future larger art piece, it got me thinking about when my little ones were teeny tiny babies.  These are the things that got us through the hard stuff, holy grail even,  from baby 1 to baby 2.  Hopefully this helps new moms to navigate their new motherhood journey from the start.

Graco Travel System - The convenience of a jogger stroller is just the best.  This one is light, made for running with it (when you're ready) and the baby carrier part pops out as well.  I love the storage underneath, perfect for when I would go on a walk to the mailbox with a baby or two.

Gerber 5-pack onesies (long sleeve and short sleeve) - Baby mittens never worked for my girls, they would have those puppies off in no time.  So to protect them from their own razor sharp nails, we used the long sleeved onesies with gloves attached.  They were great and pretty much always stayed put.

Weighted Baby Swaddle - This type of baby swaddle is extra comforting to babies because it makes them feel held and secure.  So cute and useful.  They were so peaceful and content, that made longer nap times as well.

Swaddle Receiving Blankets - Breathable and so so comfy.  These are the unweighted kind in muslin cloth, we had several of these in the cutest patterns.

Burp Cloths - a must have, especially since this type has a different backing that protects you from the spit up soaking through and getting to you.  Love.

Newborn Nightgowns - When you are only getting 2 hours of sleep at a time, the last thing you want to do is fumble with onesie snaps for diaper changes in the dark.  I highly recommend newborn nightgowns, so easy to change diapers and sometimes you won't even wake the baby with these.  Very convenient.

Baby Hats - It's essential to keep newborn baby's heads warm so having a good supply of baby hats on hand is a must. They are so cute all bundled up and stylin'.

Breast Pump - I breastfed both my girls and I swear by the Medela Freestyle Pump in the tote style.  It had everything I needed, made transitioning back to work a breeze and the double pumping means your hands are free so you can set a timer on your phone while you check out social media at the same time. Anything to pass the time easier helps.

Baby mirror - When you're looking for a baby mirror for your car, this is a really good one.  I love the way it vertically wraps over the headrest instead of horizontally.  The mirror is substantial in size and there are little toys that move around to keep baby entertained.  No guesswork involved with wondering if your baby is asleep or not, loved our mirror.

Sunshade - Baby's skin is super sensitive so this is the sunshade we used for protection.  This kit is great because you have extra that you can pop into the rear mirror from time to time.  

If you have any baby items you absolutely loved, please share down below. 

Would love to know what worked for you during this precious time!

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