Wobble Wobble

You never forget how to ride a bike right? This was the case yesterday. My friend Ayanna and I made up our minds during work to go bike riding late in the evening after work. There was a huge 5 hour gap of indecision but we did it. She hooked up her bicycle stroller for her two kids to her husband's bike (set at extra tall) and I rode her bike (just right). So we set off going down hills and through bike trails in her neighborhood. It was fun!

Remember when your bike was your only transportation and you'd go exploring anywhere you could? Those days were so much fun. A sense of freedom when you really had none at such a young age. It felt good to feel like I'm not that "up there" while I was stretching my legs to the limit on the warm concrete. My b-day is Monday (the big two seven). Freaky freaky. Now my legs are all wobbly and tender.

P.S. - Aww, I got you guys. Made you reminisce and stuff. So much that one person wanted to slap me ;) Good. I hope you never forget those memories.

O yeah! - I spent a lot of the day backing up my computer just in case something goes down with it. Can you believe I wasn't backing up any of my pictures? Nada. So I slept much better last night and I should have time to share some photos with you. Stay tuned.