Big Sigh

My niece chose to slide around on her belly on my kitchen floor when I gave her this:


It's originally a pattern by missa but I'm not as great as her so this is my 4 year old version. It's so adorable on Z and her cd player fits! It was a quick knit but I don't enjoy Rowan Big Wool much. It hurt my hands working with it after awhile and it starts getting a little fuzzy. I don't want to work with any yarn that pills up. Is that going to be hard to stand by? Not making much progress on the Skully but I'm going to take the projects I need to seam to my LYS and get some serious help tomorrow. The closest store to me re-opened on August 1st so this is a real possibility now. Hmm, what else. Everything was a little gobbledegoop in my photography section so I stream lined it so they all have the same look for headers, centered, etc. Plus, I posted the Dodge Poop Park pictures here.


Woo hoo tomorrow is FRIDAY!! It's been a long, full, hot, [insert something else], week!

links: i want to make this (august 4th entry) as soon as she posts the pattern. funky!

i'm jealous of this (august 4th entry). she makes everything so perfectly. one day e, one day.

flight is going to be released this month. i have a copy waiting in the wings for me, do you?