Day 3

I watched this interior design show last night.  Love those shows, used to watch them all the time.  This one was about the top 25 list of design mistakes.  One of the tips I immediately changed today and that was the height of artwork in our home.  They suggested that everything be eye level or about six inches above a couch or bed.  Basically if you have to look up to see what is on the walls, there's a problem.

I tested it out and I have to agree, for my space I like the look of lower artwork better.  I'm starting to pay more attention to design tips and use them.  The big thing right now though is just not enough storage.  Raul and I have thrown out a lot, given away a lot and still want to keep a lot.  It's crazy and we don't know how long we'll be here with the economy and all so we are just living with it.

I'm always on a mission and these are some house missions I'm always keeping an eye out for:

  • New desk that is more modern and does not have a hutch
  • New television stand that can hold Raul's 40 inch television and a flat screen replacement in the future
  • New modern bedding in the bedroom.  (No bed-in-a-bags please)
  • New dresser that matches the bed and side tables

I love Apartment Therapy.  Have any other cool interior design sites to share?