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I'm so glad Monday is over! Now the week should be a piece of cake right? ;) Guess who got on the Vice President's Honor Roll....[sneaky smirk]. Among all of my junk mail there was a letter from school informing me I had made the honor roll. [smiling non-stop....again]!! I'm still a bit disturbed from that 6FU episode but I'm getting over it. I think a good time plus tons of meat plus the weird episode is why I didn't sleep well at all Sunday night. It helped to know I wasn't the only one (scroll down and click on bulletin board) that felt that way (thanks Gwyn!)

Liza - I am definitely over meat for awhile. They said they had 20 different kinds of meat (ooookay) but we only had about 5 with some repeats thrown in. Maybe they meant 20 different prepared meats (garlic beef, teriyaki beef, etc) but even if that was the case, that wasn't what happened. It was nice though. A different experience.

Trisha - It was sooooooo good! My dessert and my mom's peach cobbler complimented each other. So those two desserts in a bowl, warmed, and covered with vanilla ice cream is a deadly concoction. I'm savoring two pieces that are left but I think I'm going to make it for my potluck at work tomorrow. I can't stand potlucks but I'm going to use it as an excuse to make the cake again. I'll type up the recipe and post it here tonight. I don't want to post it from memory because I know I'll leave something out!

P.S. - Monique, can't wait to see the pics of your poncho!