Endless Sleep

When I was 16 years old, I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled. Two were impacted and I was put under with an IV. I remember being in the best sleep and being nudged awake wasn't something I was happy about. I kept trying to go back to sleep but the doctor and nurse insisted I had to be fully awake before I could leave. So the nurse came and sat in between my mom and I and told us about what had happened, what to expect, and how to take care of my mouth. Whenever she said my mom's name I would nod off and whenever she would say my name I would pop my eyes open and act like I was fully awake. It worked and I was able to leave earlier than I should have. This is exactly how I felt today. A constant sleep with people saying the words "work" and "school" to me and my eyes popping open pretending to be fully awake.

(By the way, thanks for the welcomes, I missed my site and you guys too.)