Papa Day

Happy Birthday Dad! It's early but since Mondays are crazy, we're celebrating his birthday today instead of tomorrow. Instead of making his present with my hands this year, I gave him something involving hands. An hour long massage! He's never had a professional massage before and I know he's going to love it. *mwah* I love you very much. The word for this weekend has been productive. I have gotten so much done. My journal for this site is back up (yay!) and I finished my six panels for my painting project due on Tuesday. (I'll post pictures later). I also got to see Eternal Sunshine with Saebom and it was soooo good! We discussed for about an hour. I think it was brilliantly done and I think it was trying to tackle the same subject matter Vanilla Sky was, only it executed the acting, story, and concept much better. I couldn't stand Vanilla Sky.

Right now I'm over at my parents' killing time before we go out for a birthday dinner. I never fully explained what went down last week and now's my chance to.

Here we go:

Thursday - woke up for work and felt sick to my stomach and dizzy everytime I stood up. I went to work anyway and only lasted til 8:30 before I just had to get out of there and lay down. Food wasn't staying down as well. It was great fun. So I ran to my parents and they took care of me while I just slept the whole day. I had a quiz that day at 4 and I still was feeling like crap so I didn't go and that added to my stress because I do everything in my power not to miss classes. I take college seriously. It's a sickness.

Friday - I had spent the night at my parents and I was feeling a little bit better which wasn't saying much. We had a wedding to go to on Saturday and I didn't have a dress or outfit of any kind. So my mom was going dress shopping too and I talked her into taking me. I wasn't up to it but I had to have something to wear. We went to the mall and we both found cute outfits and we left. I went back to bed and slept the night away since I was so exhausted.

Saturday - Woke up at 7am and left by 7:30, rushed home to do my hair and get dressed for the wedding. I had a dentist appointment at 11am and didn't want to come back home so I went there all dressed up so I could go straight to my parents' afterwards. That went according to plan so I went to my parents' and then we went to the wedding at 2pm. The bride was an hour and a half late and all of the guests were just sitting there watching the pianist play with glazed over eyes. Finally the bride arrived, the wedding started and it was a beautiful and unique wedding to say the least. After that we met up at the reception and I caught the bouquet. That was the highlight and I went home. I was so tired.

Sunday - I didn't go to church because I had a project due on Monday for my digital art class. Macro and Micro representations of Denver. (I'll post those once I get home). So I spent the day taking pictures at the emergency room, gas station, and tattoo shop for my assignment. It was fun pulling it all together. I ended the day with a big smile on my face because I finished the assignment. I have to admit it looked good and I think I'll get a better grade on that one.

Monday - Thursday - a blur of work and school

Now that I have some time, I'm off to watch the silkscreen DVD that arrived last week. Woo hoo!

By the way, I'm walking in the MS Walk in Denver on May 8th. If you'd like to support me by sponsoring me, write me (erika at five3 dot com).

edit - here are pics of the macro and micro assignments.

macro - picture should represent Denver on a broad scale like outdoor sports or night life. I chose outdoor sports. You had to merge different photos together to look like one photo.

micro - picture should represent Denver on a smaller scale. More abstract. Piece pictures together forming a digital collage about how a subculture feels. I picked the tattoo population. I went around asking friends and strangers what their tattoo experience felt like. People said it felt like they were getting branded, gasoline was on them and they were on fire, burning, numb sensation, peeling, etc. So that's what I came up with.