Heeeey Mon!

the beach We're back and feeling oh so irie mon. :) Our honeymoon was fantastic and it feels especially wonderful to be home. No more wedding plans to think about has me feeling relief mixed in with a little sadness. It was too much at times but putting all of the details together was fun. Goodbye Knot.com, hello Nest.com. Love those sites. Raul and I took off two weeks from work and we go back tomorrow. Don't even want to think about it.

Wedding photos should be ready in two to three weeks and I am beyond excited to see those. Our wedding day was the most magical and fastest blur of a day I've ever experienced. I just kept trying to slow down, breathe, take everything in.

For now, here are some honeymoon shots from Jamaica. I was a pansie with taking my cam out in the high humidity of Jamaica a ton of the other "in the moment" vacation shots are on Raul's cam. Trusty point and shoot.