No More Ms.

no more ms. After tomorrow. Ahhhh.

After about a million times of being asked, "Are you nervous?", and me cooly saying, "No", I am starting to feel the jitters. They are the good kind. The whole experience has been injected with doses of reality and it just makes it even more wild. I think the first dose came when Raul's dad got here. Family from out of town is a huge reality check. Love having him here. Then there was the rehearsal and dinner last night. Such an amazing and beautiful time.

Raul and I aren't seeing each other before the wedding and we just said goodbye. I miss him already. Right after the wedding we are going on our honeymoon to Jamaica so I'll see you on the flip side daddio.

When I'm a Mrs. :D

(post was written around noon but I've been running around like crazy, as usual)