Be Still


Completely random list because my life is full of some sort of crazy lately.

  1. Car broke down on my first day of work.
  2. Thankfully it broke down when I stopped at the store after work.
  3. I got my car back the next day. All it needed was a super duper jump. Ugh, my car.
  4. Invitation proofs are approved.
  5. Dinner is chosen.
  6. Flowers are chosen.
  7. Keeping up with the workouts, trying and reaching my goal of four times a week.
  8. Getting adjusted to a new job that has a lot of information. I'm taking it all in, and it can get crazy. But I'm happy.

The best times of the day right now are when I take a little break here and there to have some quiet time reading my book. Now is one of those times.


*total stranger waiting just like us at the Original Pancake House