13 Things

13 things

1. I am the youngest and only girl out of three kids. My brothers and I (all seven years apart) have the same dad, my parents have been married over 25 years.

2. When I was little, I rode my PowderPuff bike around the bullnose tile of our pool, fell in, and my dad swam in to save me. I swam away and kicked him because I believed my friend who said sharks were in the pool. That's the first time I swam by myself.

3. I have weird food things. ex. I like cheese on pizza and some fondue, but block of cheese appetizers or a slice of cheese for a snack? Blech.

4. My amount of "beauty marks" are increasing by the hour. Thank you Grandmas on both sides.

5. I have two birthmarks, one is a heart on my inner elbow (is that right?) and one on my thigh that's the shape of California.

6. I'm from California.

7. I have an obsession with shoes but I don't like feet. So don't act like you're going to touch me with your bare feet, I'll run.

8. I used to be so jealous of people who wear glasses or braces. Double the jealousy if you had both.

9. I wish I could wear a ring on my middle finger but apparently they are too big, nothing fits. I love that look.

10. I can't go on rollercoasters, they scare me to death. Maybe it's the sensation of being dropped. Not cool.

11. I love accents. Not a surprise that the fiance has a rockin' Colombian one.

12. Techno geek is a good name for me. I love the latest and greatest techno stuff. Almost time for a new cell phone, hopefully.

13. My favorite foods are seafood, pizza, hamburgers, ice cream and chocolate.

*pic from Fuddruckers. Their burgers are so good. Expensive, but good.