Published Illustrator

I look down all the time. Looking down at feet, checking out shoes. I'm obsessed, I point out cute ones all the time. It's a hobby.

My time off is divine. I'll be far away from work until January 2 and I'm beside myself with joy. Getting to spend my time, every minute, doing what I want. Today has been filled with sketches upon sketches. Things have calmed down a bit and it's nice.

Christmas Eve was a blast with Raul's side of the family. Just enough food and we danced until 4 in the morning. Christmas Day we got dumped on with snow but went to my parents' anyway. My mom made the best meal and her Pecan Lace cookies were delicious. The sweet potato casserole I made didn't turn out bad either (Thanks Jo!). The Hidden Mint cookies were a disaster, I didn't even want to hand those out but Raul likes them so the rest are for him.

One of the gifts from my parents was a copy of The Wise Woman's Almanac. What a perfect gift, seeing my mom's name (she edited) and mine (I illustrated) on the same page.

Now back to the sketches...