I took another Skillshare class (I'm addicted) and I loved it.  Of course.  Brad Woodward's Digital Illustration class was fantastic.  The project was to illustrate the word Loud or Quiet.  At first I chose Loud but when I started brainstorming, I quickly headed over to the Quiet side.  This is my final illo.  I'm open to critiques, so let me know yay or nay.

Speaking of Quiet, my first published book Queen Quail is Quiet has been out for 6 months this month!  I can't wait to work on another book and for now I'm creating small projects for my shop.

Thanks for visiting and come back soon!

Queen Quail is quiet book.

Hi guys!  My book, Queen Quail is Quiet, would be great as a gift for art lovers, Christmas, baby-showers, birthdays, etc!  Lots of exclamation marks but I can't help it.  Check it out, tell your friends.  This is great news and it should be shared!  ;)  Tweet, Instagram, FB, share away.  If you tweet, use @erikabarriga and if you are Instagramming, use #queenquail.

Hope you are having the best weekend ever and embracing the fall weather.  We are having crazy rain and a slightly leaky roof here in Colorado.  This Amazon news has made me happy though.  Very.

Secret agent josephine and I are buds.


I have been friends with Secret Agent Josephine aka Brenda for years now.  We have watched each other's art skills grow, family's grow (we are both mamas!) and dreams become reality.  I am so envious of how close she is to the beach because I am originally from California and love the ocean.  Hopefully one day our daughters can meet each other and we can have a beach outing, ice cream for dessert.  Before I drift even further off into day-dreamland, I wanted to share that SAJ let me do a guest  post about Queen Quail is Quiet on her blog. I met my publisher, Calee, through my friendship with Brenda.  I have the best friends.

Go check out the post, her blog and her art.  She is always up to big things!

Thanks Brenda!

Also, my illustration video on Youtube has 120 views!! Crazy :)

And the Winner is....

....Stephanie!  :)  Thank you so much for supporting my first book and entering the giveaway!  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it. Shoot me an email and my publisher will send you the promo code. xo,


The Next Big Thing! Blog Tour

The Letter M

How lucky am I to be a part of a global tour that started in Australia?!  Bringing awareness to authors and illustrators and their current work is what this tour is achieving and it's doing a great job.  I was tagged by the incredibly creative Candace Camling.  At the end of this post you will see a viking illustrator.  Oh yes they do exist, in fact, he is The Next Big Thing!

Let's get to answering some questions.

What is the working title of your latest book?

Queen Quail is Quiet: and other ABC Tongue Twisters, published this month by Xist Publishing.

Where did the idea come from for the book?

I wanted a big project so I could grow in my storytelling and in my ability to tie multiple illustrations together.  I thought nothing is bigger than the alphabet so I decided to write an illustration for each letter of the alphabet using every sound of each letter. It was definitely challenging but I learned so much along the way. I pitched the idea to Calee, my publisher from Xist Publishing, and she agreed there was a place for my book with them. So thank you Calee!

What genre does your book fall under?

Kid Lit.

What actors would you choose to play the part of your characters in a movie rendition?

Hmm, good question. I would love for my characters to be animated and have unique and fun voices like the characters in Adventure Time.

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

Lots of letters, learning and love.

Who is publishing your book?

Xist Publishing.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?

For the manuscript portion I would say a year and a half. Rough drafts galore but the illustrations and sentences are more refined and polished now. The complete book took a little over four years to complete.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

I love Secret Agent Josephine's ABC Book, she was one of my inspirations to write my own.

Who or what inspired you to write this book?

I was inspired because I saw my fellow illustrator friends coming up with their own projects and I wanted to do the same. My daughter is going to be a year old this month and creating with her in mind is inspiring as well. It's a dream come true to have her flip through something I created.

What else about the book might pique the reader's interest?

The tongue twisters are no joke! I told my friend the title and she had the hardest time saying it three times fast. Will be fun to giggle with little ones while they have this read to them or read the book themselves.

Next on the blog tour is the super talented artist:


Ingvard the Terrible

Ingvard has done it again!  His style is digital woodcut and it looks amazing.  So much heart in his illustrations.  Go check him out.

Queen Quail Giveaway!


Happy Friday!!  This week my debut book, Queen Quail is Quiet: and other ABC Tongue Twisters was released for e-readers for Kindle and in print and I can't stop skipping around.

This book teaches the alphabet by illustrating each letter using each sound of every letter. Younger children will learn to associate the colorful letter with the sound and older children will enjoy wrapping their mouths around the funny, tongue-twisting text.

What do you think about a Queen Quail is Quiet giveaway? Here's the deal:

1) Leave a comment on this post any time between now and 11:59 PM EST May 24 to be entered.

2) Want to up your chances? Post about the giveaway to either Twitter or Facebook and that counts as a second entry (just let me know in the comments). Or if Instagram is more your speed, write "Queen Quail is Quiet" on a piece of paper, take a photo of your masterpiece and tag it with #queenquailbook.

3) I'll choose the winner randomly using this tool.

4) The winner will get one digital download (works with Kindle, the app, etc) of the book.

Good luck!!

The Illustration Process for Queen Quail

new book!

Queen Quail is Quiet: and other ABC Tongue Twisters came out today for e-readers for Kindle and in print!

Queen Quail is Quiet grew out of my love of learning and drawing.  I wanted to be a little different to approaching learning the alphabet. Creating a sentence illustrating each sound for every letter sounded challenging.  I started out by thinking of words for the letters and then forming a sentence I could illustrate.  Sketching of thumbnail ideas came next and was much easier to do once I realized this would no longer be just a project, but a book.  Most of the sketching was just on plain computer paper and once I refined the sketches into final artwork, I scanned in the images onto my computer.

To read more, go to one of my friend's blogs where I completed guest posts this week.  Much thanks to PBJunkies and Charlotte Cooke !!

Queen Quail is Quiet

first book!

So you guys, I have pretty big news.  I can't believe I am typing this actually.  Means it is really real in a way.

The project I have been talking about forever, is that I have a book coming out. I am PUBLISHED.  If you have been a long-time follower, you know I have had a pet alphabet project and it went through many different forms.  But now it is going to finally grow up to be a book.  Available in print and for e-readers through Amazon.com.

I am so excited.

The book is called Queen Quail is Quiet: and other ABC Tongue Twisters, it is an alphabet book where each letter demonstrates the sound of each letter throughout a sentence.  Like, for the letter L the sentence is "Lemon Licks the Lollipop". I am the author and illustrator.

I hope it makes my baby girl even more interested in reading and I hope it makes its way into your kid lit libraries as well. The book should launch May 15, definitely this month.  Here is the link for pre-sale for Kindle.

Somebody pinch me, please!

Now Available on Print Canvas!

Now available on print canvas!
Now available on print canvas!
Now available on print canvas!

My Pepperminty Hot Chocolate, 7 Layer Dip, Fresh Fig Dessert recipes I illustrated are now available on canvas through Great Big Canvas.

Thanks so much They Draw and Cook!

P.S. Things came up and I was not able to get pics of our 1/4 full of boxes new home by the deadline of last month.  Very soon we will be getting an out of town guest and my bday is around the corner so I won't say a deadline again.  It will just be a surprise.  Sorry.

Published, Boo Ya!


I'm about to burst.  In all the hub bub I have failed to mention that a book I'm going to be published in this year, They Draw and Cook, is available for pre-order!  It's an illustrated cookbook by a huge and talented group of folks, including moi.  I'm honored and want to see it in person, so excited.

Here is a little video flipping through the pages, aaaahhhh! Love it when dreams come true.