Today was full of good things. I don't feel like writing paragraphs.

+Someone had a birthday at work so we had Boston Cream Pie +I got to throw a hot dog chew toy into a barbeque grill for myself and two other people in hopes of winning a team contest +Had Chipotle for lunch/dinner. It had been so long that it was really good. +Called La Ti Da to make sure Zach would be there so I could get help with one of my secret projects. Found out he quit. *gasp* Was upset because he was so helpful and I'd miss that help, plus he had thought of a cool scarf pattern that he never gave me. +Stopped at a school on the way to the yarn store and took pictures +Went to the yarn store to get help from someone else and they didn't show up either. +BUT, Zach's friend came in and she had the scarf pattern and SHE copied it for me. yes! +Bought yarn for Skully Sweater (no Creme in stock though) and got a discount with my $10 off coupon! +New knitters from a beginners class were giving me positive feedback about my projects. "I want to knit like that"- woman #2. So cute. +Came home to find great emails from two cool chicas. *Monique and Dawn. +Washed my hair and relaxed +Worked on gauge for Skully Sweater +Ate "Give Me S'mores" ice cream by Dreyer's Dreamery +Still brainstorming about camera fund

*Monique, the spanish harlem poncho/caplet pattern by Stitch Diva Studios can be found on this site. Every email I send you gets bounced back. Good luck and I hope you have a camera so you can send me pictures of your completed poncho.