I'm feeling a little better today. The sun is shining and it should be 80 degrees today. Hopefully I don't die since I wore thick dark jeans and a light-weight long sleeved t-shirt to work. AC or rolling the windows down will be in order. My booga bag is coming along and it's even more fun watching the colors change in the yarn. Turns into perfect stripes right before your eyes. I wonder what my next Noro project will be. hmmm. I'm heading to La Ti Da after work so I can get help on my secret projects. Now that I think of it, it's been a week today since I've been there. That's a stretch since I was there practically everyday before. I'm learnin' y'all. I need to stop soon though and fit more things into this summer like learning watercolor, inking, etc. I think I'll stop after I make my Skully sweater. The hat I made for Father's Day was the first adult hat I made and the sweater will be the first adult sweater. I want to learn how to do cables too so I might make a cardigan too.

Check out these cute things I wouldn't mind making: Out of all the bucket hats I've seen, I love hers the most Actually, I like most of the things in her finished projects section

Oh yes, there's one more thing. I still need/want this camera to be mine. So I've been brainstorming ways of getting donations towards this camera. I swear it would go to a good home, I would love it, hold it, and make it my very own. If you are one of those incredibly selfless and rare people that love giving, then email me at info(at)five3(dot)com.

If not, it's all good and I'm still thinking. How do I go about it? Cards, postcards, illustrations, open requests.... What are you interested in? I'm here for ya.

The brainstorming continues.