The Letter K

The king kazoo rides in his kayak.


NaBloPoMo is almost over, woo HOO! Looking over the past entries is interesting though, this was a jam packed month. Gives off the impression one might have a life even. Ha ha, yea right. I just got home from a much needed hair appointment. The last time I went to the salon my hairstylist, Kirstie, announced she was pregnant and her date is in April. She will be around to do my fro for the wedding, so that's all good. I'm so excited for her and it's great to see her glow and belly grow.

I'm home and out of the cold now, watching the only two shows that aren't repeats tonight. Survivor and Scrubs. I thought Grey's Anatomy was going to be new, hello part two!! Ah well, I'll use the time to do something more creative.

Gooo writer's strike.