Sale! Limited Time Only!

gobble no more Seven hours. Jo and I shopped for seven hours this morning. The crowds weren't so bad and my ankles are sore. Did I mention it snowed today too? Yea, we're crazy shopaholics but found some good deals and Christmas presents though. Some deals were so good that I came home feeling overwhelmed with my closet. It was time for a revamp for sure.

I checked out some sites on organizing closets but I'm ultimately going my own route. Trying on every item in the closet helped though. A lot.

No more shopping for clothes for a long time! I need an intervention.

Hello, my name is Erika and I am a glutton for a sale.


The pie turned out great. Thanks for the kind words, it came out beautifully. I wish I could give you some. Plus, the pickiest eater I know (12 years old) ate three slices. So that's pretty dang good in my opinion. The pie did come at a price, I have a band-aid on my thumb. I um....accidentally peeled it. Yea, that was tons of fun. The pie was not affected though at all. I did have to fight the urge to pass out. It doesn't seem that apples and I get along because last time I smushed my finger between the counter and the apple corer.

Perhaps we need to remember to register for one of those apple core/peeler things where no fingers are involved.