Comfort Zone

model Studio shooting is completely foreign to me so crits and comments are definitely welcomed, as always.

My friend Jay started a meet up group that began last Saturday.  He loves the indoors, hates the outdoors and I'm a lover of natural light.  It was chaos in his studio with about nine guys and myself.  Two younger female models, two areas set up with pocket wizards.  All of us were just shooting like crazy.

One guy let me use his lensbaby and I had never touched one before.  When it got time for me to jump in and shoot the models, of course I wasn't able to get my camera set up correctly by just screwing a pocket wizard on top and going.  So another photographer gave me his 20d, on raw (I never shoot raw), and I just went from there.

The models were great but all of the posing is against what I'm comfortable shooting.  I'd rather shoot quiet moments than shooting a perfect S curve pose. So that took some getting used to as well.

Getting out of my comfort zone is a little tricky but I'm learning, ready to get more hands on experience with using a flash.  This was one of my favorites because she's not cheesin' and over the top in my opinion.

She makes you guess what she's least for me.