Up for Air

Life seems to swallow me up whole at times and then I think about how I need to update here and I slowly climb out of everything for a break. This morning I woke up at 4:15 a.m., worked out at the gym at work and started my shift at 6 a.m. Not entirely by choice, my car is at the mechanic. Better now than during the snow and 20 degree weather. After Raul and I droppped off the car yesterday we took Carolyne to Famous Dave's. It is the best barbeque and especially great because we hadn't been there in forever. I was shooting around with my friend Jay's Digital Rebel because mine has been acting crappy. The vertical grip on it makes me salivate. Next camera I own is getting one. I've had an itching feeling that something wasn't right wih my camera for awhile now and I could finally compare apples to apples by testing my lenses, settings and all on Jay's camera.

Wow, something is definitely wrong with mine. I spent the rest of the day shooting pink shots for breast cancer awareness with my always willing model, Carolyne. Since I knew something was wrong with my camera, we dropped it off at Best Buy stat. This is the fourth time I've had this camera serviced so hopefully Best Buy will just throw in the towel already and I can get a fully functioning and phenomenal camera.

I hope I hope I hope.


More letters for the Alphabet Project should be coming any day now. Be on the lookout.


There is a group called Passionately Pink for the Cure on flickr. Every pink photo submitted is a $1 donated by Yahoo! Pretty dang awesome.